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Val Johnson- About Me

     Val Johnson was born in Queens and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Early on, his first grade teacher said that he was a great writer. This was because his writing was creative and cohesive for his age. This came to his advantage when he decided that he wanted to be a singer and songwriter. “I was already a great writer, I just needed to make that transition from writer to singer and songwriter.” Listening to a wide range of genres from R&B to Gospel,Val developed his own style. “My style is R&B and Hip-Hop but I also do Pop music as well.” Val is currently working on his EP Already Mainstream Vo.1 coming soon. If you like his music, please tell a friend.

Val Johnson- So Beautiful.mp3

Check out my new song called “So Beautiful” and let me know what you think. It’s produced by yours truly with Mental Instruments on the bass. You can download it here