Monthly Archives: April 2015

YG ft. Future- Racks

Hey this week’s Throwback Tuesdsay song isĀ  YG ft. Future called “Racks.”

Wiz Khalifah- Decisions, See You Again, Staying Out All Night, Promises, & We Dem Boyz

Check out the latest videos from Wiz Khalifah called “Decisions,” “See You Again ft. Charlie Puth” “Staying Out All Night,” “Promises,” and “We Dem Boyz.” The album “Blacc Hollywood” and “The Fast 7 Soundtrack” which “See You Again” is on is in stores now.






Bobby Brackins ft. Zendaya and Jeremih- My Jam

Hey check out the new video from Bobby Brackins ft. Zendaya and Jeremih called “My Jam.” This song is cool.


J.Cole- Wet Dreamz

Hey check out the new video from J.Cole called “Wet Dreamz.” It’s off the album “2014 Forest Hills” in stores now.



Throwback Tuesday: 112 ft. Beanie Sigel- Dance With Me Remix

This Throwback Tuesday is a song by 112 ft. Beanie Sigel called “Dance With Me Remix.”

Throwback Thursday: Nicki Minaj- Your Love

This Throwback Thursday is a Nicki Minaj song called “Your Love.”

Thowback Tuesday: Omarion- Speeding

This Throwback Thursday is by Omarion and it’s called “Speeding.”

French Montana ft. Jeremih- Bad B*tch

Hey check out the new video from French Montana ft. Jeremih called “Bad B*tch” This song is hot!

Jordin Sparks ft. 2 Chainz- Double Tap

Hey check out the new video from Jordin Sparks ft. 2 Chainz “Double Tap.” The song is off her mixtape “#ByeFelicia” available at

Throwback Thursday: Craig David- 7 Days

Hey this “Throwback Thursday” is a song by Craig David called “7 Days.”