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Val Johnson- V-Log- Episode 2, June 2016

Here’s the second V-Log from me (Val Johnson). I’m just letting you know what’s been going on with me and my music. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Yuna ft. Usher- Crush

Hey check out the new song from a new artist named Yuna ft. Usher called “Crush”. I like this song. I think it’s smooth.

Usher- Crash

Hey check out the new song from Usher called “Crash”. It’s off the eighted studio album called Flawed which will be out soon. I like this song. It kind of remind me of my song Let’s Make Up.

Michael Trapson- Billie Jean And I Dab

Hey, check out the new song from Michael Trapson called ” Billie Jean And I Dab”. This song is hot!

I Did It! I Graduated From College!

Hey, y’all I finally graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College with my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts! I was suppose to graduate in 2 years but I graduated in 3 years! I actually finish in Fall 2015 and went to the 2016 ceremony. And my mother’s birthday was on June 3rd, 2016. It was the same day as the ceremony. MAMA I MADE IT!  I know my mother and grandmother are proud of me and are cheering me on from Heaven. R.I.P (Rest In Peace) I’m gonna continue to make you proud!!!  All those times I spent being at school til 12 Am IN THE MORNING. All those essays I had to write to those classes I had to drop. All those times where I thought I wasn’t gonna get FINANCIAL AID because of my grades and the classes I drop. I FINALLY DID IT! I’m glad I finally graduated college. Next stop is a four year school for my Bachelors which will hopefully be achieved in 2 years. Check out the pictures and my degree below.20160603_123558



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