Monthly Archives: July 2019

Val Johnson

July 24, 2019

Hey Validators, I decided that the video to I’m Handsome, will be re-shot after talking, with those close to me. The saying, that has been consistent threw out my music career is that “presentation is everything.” So, the quality has to match who I am and what I represent. I want my brand to represent excellence so, I have to act and move accordingly. You have to understand that first impression is everything and I want to win so, I have to play the game. I re-did the song, added some new stuff to it and I remix and mastered the song which is available here>>>>> Please be patient with me, the video will be out soon.

Val Johnson

July 8, 2019

Hey, Validator I have a show in Brooklyn, New York at Five Spot Sunday July 28th. My birthday is at midnight July 29th Monday so come enjoy yourself with some nice music and celebrate with me! Tickets is $10 at the door or if you want me to meet at a neutral spot in the city to get your tickets for $20 that’s fine too. Peace!