• World Premiere! Val Johnson- Be My Girl (Official Video)

    It’s finally here Validators! Here’s the official video of my single Be My Girl. Check it out now!

  • New Single/Video Called “Be My Girl” will be out Monday At 12 PM EST!

    Hey, Validators the video to my new single called “Be My Girl” will be out Monday at 12 PM EST. Stay tuned!

  • New Product Launch Handsome Shades (All Black Everything!)

    It’s official! Today’s the day you can buy your own pair of Handsome Shades! Get the first product called “All Black Everything” It’s unisex, which means ladies and gentlemen can wear them. Being handsome is not just a look but a state of mind. Click the link to get your Handsome Shades today!

  • Val Johnson- Waves 360

    Hey, here’s the viral video to my single called Waves 360. Let me know if you like it.

  • Handsome Shades Line Is Coming Soon!

    Hey, Validators I’m launching a new product on my website called Handsome Shades! I’m so excited that I’m expanding my brand!!! The first from Handsome Shades is called the “All Black Everything Unisex Shades.” Unisex means a guy or woman can wear them. It also comes with a leather case.

    Below is a sneak peek of the glasses. If you’re interested in purchasing the sunglasses please contact me here:


  • Happy August!

    May you achieve all your goals and dreams this month!

  • The I’m Handsome Video Is Going To Be Re-shot!

    Hey Validators, I decided that the video to I’m Handsome, will be re-shot after talking, with those close to me. The saying, that has been consistent threw out my music career is that “presentation is everything.” So, the quality has to match who I am and what I represent. I want my brand to represent excellence so, I have to act and move accordingly. You have to understand that first impression is everything and I want to win so, I have to play the game. I re-did the song, added some new stuff to it and I remix and mastered the song which is available here>>>>> Please be patient with me, the video will be out soon.

  • Showcase/Birthday Celebration!

    Hey, Validator I have a show in Brooklyn, New York at Five Spot Sunday July 28th. My birthday is at midnight July 29th Monday so come enjoy yourself with some nice music and celebrate with me! Tickets is $10 at the door or if you want me to meet at a neutral spot in the city to get your tickets for $20 that’s fine too. Peace!

  • Treat every day like it’s January 1st.

  • Early Release!

    Hey, what’s up my Validators? I decided to release my single Dance on my website today before it’s on all platforms. It’s $5.00 and let me tell you why. I recorded this song in the same studio as Justin Bieber, Ty Dolla Sign, Chris Brown and Mariah Carey. I worked so hard to make this track and it’s only right, I charge this much. Here’s the link

    If $5.00 is too much for you, wait till, Friday, February, 22nd, where you can listen to it on Spotify, Tidal, and get it on iTunes for much cheaper.

    Thanks, for the support!

    Best. Val Johnson