Val Johnson

February 5, 2019

Hey, what’s up Validators? I have a new song called Dance coming out Feburary, 22nd, 2019. You can preorder it on iTunes, February, 22nd, 2019. It’s produced by Lee On The Beats (Amazinz) Lee On The Beats have produced for Chris Brown, Jerimih, Lil Wayne etc. If you can’t wait. Cashapp me $5.00 with your email address and I’ll send you the song with the artwork.

Cash App: $Valjohnson56

Thanks, Val Johnson

Help Get My Single I’m Handsome On The Radio By Donating!

    Hey, my company Handsome Boy Records and I is looking to raise $5,000, for national radio play for my single “I’m Handsome.” It has always been apart of my dream to get my song on the radio. Please click the link and donate what you can. Together we can make this dream a reality. Let’s go!!! Click the link below and donate.

Val Johnson

January 1, 2018

Well, 2017 was a good year for me. I released my first R&B/Hip Hop EP Already Mainstream Vol.1, I did a few shows and got a lot of love from my fans. Thanks for the support!!! I will not let you down! May your 2018 be of great health, wealth and prosperity. Happy New Year! Let’s Go!

My EP Already Mainstream Vol.1

My EP, Already Mainstream Vol.1 is out now! It’s available on my website, iTunes, Tidal and Spotify right now.

Val Johnson

October 22, 2017

Hey, no longer will I be posting videos of other artists. I will be focusing on my artistry and my blog will be focus on that. Thanks for sticking with me through out the years and I’m looking forward to your support as an R&B/Hip Hop artist.

Best,Val Johnson

What Is A Hit Song?

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What Is A Hit Song?

I feel that a hit song is a song that has a nice rhythm, melody, drum beat, instruments, and lyrics that tells a story. A hit song is everything you wanted to say in that song. The lyrics has to be heartfelt and the artist who sings or raps has to sound good. A hit record should make you feel good, dance or think about a significant other. As an artist I strive to make you feel like some of my favorite artists has made me feel.

As an artist I strive to make hit records; whether it’s an RNB record or a Hip Hop record. Some R&B examples are Michael Jackson-Billie Jean, Stevie Wonder- That Girl, and Usher You Remind Me, and Mario- Let Me Love You. Some Hip Hop examples are Puff Daddy- Sastify You, Diddy- I Need A Girl Pt. 1, Diddy I Need A Girl Part 2 and 50 Cent 21 Questions.

My records will be a crowd favorite and seen as a classic 10 years from now. What does a hit song mean to you?

Here’s a perfect example of what I feel a hit R&B/Hip Hop song is. Check it out below and let me know what you think. Peace!

Dear Fans,

About my song “I’m Handsome”. I ain’t gonna front. I wasn’t always confident. I use to be insecure of how I look because I had big lips. LOL, I know it’s funny. I use to tell my mother about it and my mother said I was handsome. I had no problem with girls. They liked me but I was still insecure. I even thought about getting surgery to minimize my lips. LOL! On top of that, my freshman year in high school I had to get stitches on the right side of my lip because I had got into a fight with brother and a security guard. Any way, as I got older, I notice more people were calling me handsome. My teachers loved me. They said that I had a handsome face. Also girls were taking more notice in me. This boost my confidence level to new heights. As time went on I learned from my mother that being Handsome wasn’t just a look but a feeling as well. It was a state of mine.  You see “I’m Handsome” isn’t me just being conceited. It’s not about that. It’s about the feeling of being handsome and confident in yourself. I speak my truth in my music and I hope you can relate too, cause I’m Handsome.

Latoya Luckett- In The Name Of Love

Hey, check out the new tune from Latoya Luckett called “In The Name Of Love.” It’s off the album “Back 2 Life” in stores now.

King Combs – F*ck The Summer Up & Type Different ft. Bay Swag & Lajan Slim & Paid In Full ft. CYN

Hey, check out these three new tunes from Sean “Diddy” Combs son, King Combs called “F*ck The Summer Up” and “Type Different” ft. Bay Swag & Lajan Slim and “Paid In Full” ft. CYN. No word on an album or mix-tape yet. Stay Tuned!

DJ Khaled ft. Rhianna & Bryson Tiller- Wild Thoughts

Hey check out DJ Khaled ft. Rhianna & Bryson Tiller called “Wild Thoughts.”