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Bryson Tiller- Somethin Tells Me

Hey, here’s the new video from Bryson Tiller called “Somethin Tells Me” True to self is in all digital stores now.

Val Johnson- We Don’t Care

What’s up? Here’s my new joint called “We Don’t Care” produced by Fide The Producer and over dubbed by me. Let me know if you like it. The EP “Already Mainstream is on iTunes now.

The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk- Starboy

Hey, check out the new video from The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk called “Starboy.” This song is hot! No word on a new album from The Weeknd, stay tuned.

Usher- ft. Young Thug- No Limit & Crash

Hey check out the latest singles from Usher called “Crash.” Also check out the other video from Usher ft. Young Thug called “No Limit.” These songs are hot! It’s amazing how Usher stays relevant through out all generations. He’s timeless.








Yuna ft. Usher- Crush

Hey check out the new song from a new artist named Yuna ft. Usher called “Crush”. I like this song. I think it’s smooth.

Usher- Crash

Hey check out the new song from Usher called “Crash”. It’s off the eighted studio album called Flawed which will be out soon. I like this song. It kind of remind me of my song Let’s Make Up.

Michael Trapson- Billie Jean And I Dab

Hey, check out the new song from Michael Trapson called ” Billie Jean And I Dab”. This song is hot!

Lady Gaga- Performs National Anthem at Super Bowl 50th Aniversary

Hey check out the lovely performance of Lady Gaga performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl’s 50th Anniversary. She’s pretty good. I’m trying to get  Beyonce’s and Bruno Mars performance footage so if you get it let me know.


Trevor Jackson- Simple As This

Hey check out the new video from Trevor Jackson called “Simple As This.” This songs is hot! His mixtape “In My Feelings” is on Datpiff.com and on i Tunes now.

T.I ft. Chris Brown- Private Show

Hey check out the new video from T.I ft. Chris Brown called “Private Show.” It’s a cool song.