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What Is A Hit Song?

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What Is A Hit Song?

I feel that a hit song is a song that has a nice rhythm, melody, drum beat, instruments, and lyrics that tells a story. A hit song is everything you wanted to say in that song. The lyrics has to be heartfelt and the artist who sings or raps has to sound good. A hit record should make you feel good, dance or think about a significant other. As an artist I strive to make you feel like some of my favorite artists has made me feel.

As an artist I strive to make hit records; whether it’s an RNB record or a Hip Hop record. Some R&B examples are Michael Jackson-Billie Jean, Stevie Wonder- That Girl, and Usher You Remind Me, and Mario- Let Me Love You. Some Hip Hop examples are Puff Daddy- Sastify You, Diddy- I Need A Girl Pt. 1, Diddy I Need A Girl Part 2 and 50 Cent 21 Questions.

My records will be a crowd favorite and seen as a classic 10 years from now. What does a hit song mean to you?

Here’s a perfect example of what I feel a hit R&B/Hip Hop song is. Check it out below and let me know what you think. Peace!

Val Johnson- I’m Handsome Video Shoot

What’s up y’all? The video for my long awaited single “I’m Handsome” is done. Below is a picture of the video. It’ll be out soon. Also there’s a dance that goes with the song as well. Stay tuned!

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New Song: Val Johnson- I’m Handsome

What’s up y’all? Check out my new song called “I’m Handsome”. It’s off my new EP “Already Mainstream Vol.1” coming soon. I produced it. Let me know if you like it.