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What Is A Hit Song?

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What Is A Hit Song?

I feel that a hit song is a song that has a nice rhythm, melody, drum beat, instruments, and lyrics that tells a story. A hit song is everything you wanted to say in that song. The lyrics has to be heartfelt and the artist who sings or raps has to sound good. A hit record should make you feel good, dance or think about a significant other. As an artist I strive to make you feel like some of my favorite artists has made me feel.

As an artist I strive to make hit records; whether it’s an RNB record or a Hip Hop record. Some R&B examples are Michael Jackson-Billie Jean, Stevie Wonder- That Girl, and Usher You Remind Me, and Mario- Let Me Love You. Some Hip Hop examples are Puff Daddy- Sastify You, Diddy- I Need A Girl Pt. 1, Diddy I Need A Girl Part 2 and 50 Cent 21 Questions.

My records will be a crowd favorite and seen as a classic 10 years from now. What does a hit song mean to you?

Here’s a perfect example of what I feel a hit R&B/Hip Hop song is. Check it out below and let me know what you think. Peace!

Michael Trapson- Billie Jean And I Dab

Hey, check out the new song from Michael Trapson called ” Billie Jean And I Dab”. This song is hot!

R.I.P Michael Jackson-THE KING OF POP

As we all know The legendary King Of Pop Michael Jackson died at the age of 50. Fans and artist alike was shock that he died a few weeks before he was suppose to go on tour.

Michael Jackson inspired me with songs like Thriller, Billie Jean,Beat It, Smooth Criminal,Rock With You, P.Y.T, Rock My World, & Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough. I remember when my twin brother and I use to see who can do the moon walk better. I remember competing with the kids in the schoolyard to see who can do the moonwalk better. Michael Jackson was a great artist and performer, from the songs he sang to the dance moves and ground breaking videos. He inspired many people and brought people together despite their differences. Michael Jackson will be remembered as the greatest artist of all time. R.I.P Michael Jackson THE KING OF POP

Check out some videos of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson- Billie Jean Live

Michael Jackson-Thriller

Michael Jackson- Rock My World